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Updated: 2/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • montag meets a good friend
  • are you happy?
  • Mildreds real character
  • what the heck !?!
  • The old womens house
  • i want to pass with my books
  • When Montag was taking his nightly stroll he ran into a girl named Clarisse. Montag has a very good conversation with Clarisse, and they connected instantly. Clarisse is a different type of girl, but he then asks her a question that becomes life changing.
  • Clarisse is killed
  • After Montag comes home from meeting Clarisse something he never thought would happen. When Montag walks into the house he sees Mildred passed out on the ground and comes to find out she had overdosed on pills.
  • Montag sinks to the floor
  • what just happened? whose house was that
  • only if clarisse were here.....
  • The firemen come to burn the old woman's house down because she has been stashing books for years. The women said to kill her with the house. She wanted to die with her books. This really stuck with Montag. Montag also took the books to the house with him.
  • Montag realizes something
  • A few weeks after Montag meets Clarisse, she disappears. Mildred later tells Montag that Clarisse was run over and killed by a car and that her family moved away. Clarisse's death could have been an accident by the joyriding teenagers Clarisse admitted she was scared of.
  • After Clarisse dies his safe world had "melted down and sprung up in a new and colorless form." From here on out, he starts questioning things. He starts asking questions about the people whose houses he burns.
  • He realizes there is no actual story to any of the TV shows. Both he and Mildred refer to the characters as her 'family' because she spends so much time with them.
  • i love tv, i could never get enough of it. the characters have become family.