Homo Habilis Extinction
Updated: 2/3/2020
Homo Habilis Extinction
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Storyboard Description

The Homo Habilis went extinct for a reason. This comic will describe how and why these early creatures/humans became extinct.

Storyboard Text

  • The Homo Habilis tribe has left their tools for their "leader", to get the nutrition from the bones and meat out of the rhino's carcass.
  • 1. I wonder why it takes so long to rip apart the carcasses.
  • A few hours later...
  • 2. That's just the way it works. Nothing we can do.
  • There was some-thing they could have done, but due to their intermediate- sized brains they did not. So, they payed the price.
  • She was never seen again, thanks to the fact that the tools were not sharp and were not advanced before.
  • It was also hard to find food since the tools could not be used for hunting.
  • Where are the carcasses? -says wearily-
  • This Homo Habilis never made it back home due to tiredness from lack of food.
  • One more thing that caused the Homo Habilis' extinction, that is not the fact of not advancing their tools and their brains, is their body types.
  • 4.5-5.5 ft.Short body
  • long ape-like arms
  • The size of the Homo Habilis brain 500 to 800 cubic centimeters. is 56% to 89% of the size of Homo Erectus brain.
  • Short, weak legs
  • To summarize, the Homo Habils went extinct because of some of their key characteristics. For example, their intermediate brains could not adapt to environmental change. They also had unathletic body types that made it harder to hunt and easier to be hunted.
  • Summary:
  • Although, there is one more cause and effect reason for this extinction. Since it was so hard for the Homo Habilis to adapt to environmental change they ignored the fact that they needed to advance their tools. But, we must take into consideration that there could have been competition, climate change, and an evolution to Homo Erectus.
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