John Cabot
Updated: 10/6/2020
John Cabot

Storyboard Text

  • The start
  • John Cabot will you voyage to the coast of North America?
  • Henry VII of England
  • 1497
  • Yes I will
  • John Cabot
  • On the journey
  • We are voyage to the coast of North America under the commission of Henry VII of England
  • Arrival
  • We finally arrive at coast of North America!
  • in this journey we have used the magnetic compass, the log, the lead line, the quadrant or astrolabe, and dead reckoning. this technology helped us to get here.
  • King Henry VII have requested John Cabot to voyage to North America to find new land.
  • Claimed the land
  • We claimed this land for the King of England.
  • Yay!
  • John Cabot have accepted the request and voyage to North America
  • journey back
  • We going back to England to report our success to the king.
  • After a long time of sailing the sea they have finally made it
  • Ending
  • John Cabot was departed on a second expedition in mid - 1498. People say he was perished in a shipwreck.
  • After setting foot on the new land John Cabot have claimed the land for King of England
  • After claiming the land they voyage back to England
  • After setting sail in May 1498 for a return voyage to North America, he disappeared and Cabot's final days remain a mystery.
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