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Updated: 5/21/2020
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  • What book should I get for my brother? Hmmm...
  • I need one that will fit in my bookbag because I don't really feel like carrying it by itself.
  • If my bookbag is 4in x 6in, then the book needs to be that area or less so it can fit in the bookbag.
  • This book looks great, and the sides are 3in x 5in! Just to be sure, though...
  • To find the area of a square, you need l x w, or length times width. the length and width of the bookbag was 4in x 6in, and 4 x 6 equals 24, so the bookbag's area is 24 square inches. The book that is being bought has a length and width of 3in x 5in. 3 x 5 equals 15, therefore the area of the book is 15 square inches. The book has a lesser area than the bookbag, so she can buy it and bring it home!
  • Thank you so much, sister!!!
  • It was no problem!
  • Chloe Ross, Grade 7
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