English Cult Villain Sherlock Holmes' story
Updated: 7/8/2020
English Cult Villain Sherlock Holmes' story
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  • Holmes and Watson hear a rumour about a corrupt cult leader in the country side, they decide to talk to the journalist who wrote about what he knew
  • They find the door to his apartment ajar, and decide to investigate. They find the journalist murdered in his bedroom, and take pictures of some finger prints
  • That's her!
  • Holmes and Watson find that the finger prints belong to a woman named Emma White, who was previously arrested for smuggling drugs
  • No one in our organisation has the name Emma White, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • They meet the man who is the leader of the cult, he says that he has never had anyone named Emma white, they can tell he's lying but they have no proof.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Watson investigate, they find lots of different trailers and tents, as well as a large barn with a fire in the middle, they notice that signs of Sherlock's face pinned up on trees with no caption, all the cult members are scared of them but one woman runs up to attack him with a small knife, he recognises her immediately as Emma White and she runs away.
  • Sherlock and Watson chase Emma and she leads them to the leader, he knows they have seen her and runs up the ladder on the side of the barn, the cult members think that he cannot die, so they aren't worried when he tumbles backwards over the side of the barn. when they go to check on him and realise he is dead they know they have been tricked.
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