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Updated: 9/24/2019
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  • Abduction by Peg Kehret
  • Capture the Dog
  • Pick up Matt
  • Denny, the father of Bonnie and Matt is putting on a black wig and a fake stitched on UPS uniform to prepare for his plan. He looked so different, his mom could not recognize him. He left his home and entered his car.
  • Bad Dreams
  • My dream was about... and I always get this bad feeling
  • Denny had looked up the address of his ex wife’s home and sneaked into her backyard with a piece of steak. He was trying to lure their dog Pookie into his car for his next step of the plan. He eventually got the blind dog Pookie into his car and drove away.
  • Where is he?
  • Have you seen matt?
  • No, I haven't
  • Denny had arrived at Matt’s School to pick him up after he had claimed to the front office he was his uncle. He watched to see how Matt looked like since he has never seen him. He noticed Bonnie walking with a boy and he supposed that the boy was Matt, he didn’t pick up Matt that day but the next day he came back to ensure that Matt was alone. He had confronted Matt and told him that Pookie is badly injured and they needed to go to the vet instantly.
  • I'm sorry
  • I'm sorry, your mom and sister died in a car crash. I'm also going to have to return all your new toys. I'll make it up to you by going to a baseball game.
  • Bonnie had been in school in her last period ready to rush to Matt so they can take the bus home. She began to tell her friend that she had dreams of her dad and mom dying when she was around 8 years old almost everyday. After she said that, she would get that familiar bad feeling she had years ago in her stomach and feel really anxious. She felt like whenever she thought about the terrible loss with her dad leaving them, that another disaster would strike their family again. She was overthinking and told her self that everything was okay.
  • Bonnie had arrived at Matt’s school, she was a little worried when she didn’t see Matt at the bus line. She began to tell the staff if they have seen him go on the bus or not. She ran to his teachers classroom to tell her if she has seen Matt take the bus, she said she didn’t and Bonnie started to panic. The principal called all the bus drivers to see if he was on any of them, he wasn’t.
  • Denny had lied to Matt and actually took him to his house. He told Matt that Bonnie and his mom had died in a car crash, so Matt started to accept the truth that he was going to live with Denny. Denny had bought Matt new toys as a welcome but he went out to return them back to the store because he had to pay money to a bookie. He promised that he would make it up to him by taking him to the Mariner’s game.
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