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China Story bored
Updated: 2/20/2020
China Story bored
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  • Abominations (#4)
  • I am going to kill you my uncle
  • Noooo
  • Inventions
  • I have created an awesome thing PAPER you can write on it
  • Dynasties
  • I choose you to be the next family to rule China
  • I decided to show abomination 4 ( don't murder someone in your family) because killing family is important not to do. An abomination is 10 rules that China has and they were followed by harsh punishments. 
  • Philosophies
  • One law is not to kill
  • If you kill you will get punished 
  • An invention is something that people make to maybe help other people or enhance there society. Paper effects the society by like people start writing on paper and it starts to develope through society and we still use paper right know because of who invented the paper.
  • Geography
  • Behind me is the Himalayas is to protect us from invaders because it is hard to get over the mountains
  • A dynasty is a family that the mandate of heaven picks a family and they rule until the mandate of heaven picks another family. This affects the people by when the mandate of heaven picks a family the people have to follow the new dynasty.
  • Silk road
  • This is the silk road and this is where people trade things
  • Lets trade
  • Philosophy is what people follow like rules and in the picture I did legalism and it shows that she killed someone and in legalism if they break a rule they get punished and know she will get punished. This affects the people by if they do something bad they will have consequences.
  • You should not have killed now I have to punish you
  • I am sorry don't do this to me
  • Geography is physical features that were not man-made there were made by earth. The Himalayas protect us from invaders because it is very hard to climb over them and it would take a lot of time so nobody invades from that side of China. 
  • The silk road is a place where people trade things. The silk road makes China rich and powerful. The silk road is a place of multiple cultures and they trade different things. It is a huge trading network.
  • Okay
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