Updated: 1/20/2021

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  • No i am scared and worried about the effects it will have on me.
  • have you gotten your covid vaccine yet ?
  • what cause covid 19? Covid-19 is caused by a virus called "SARS-CoV-2"
  • the red spikes sticking out are called "spike proteins "
  • inside this virus is the rna protecting it is called the envolpe
  • the virus travels from person to person from coughing
  • The RNA uses its keys to access your cells and get into your body. So it can later on create more of itself from your cells machinery.
  • class and i also hope you guys consider getting the vaccine
  • today class on this online zoom we will be learning about the covid-19 virus
  • Can you explain how i will get this vaccine
  • when we give you this vaccine we will transport a piece of the vaccince's protein spikes into your body. And don't worry this will only have your body get used to this virus.
  • There is also antibodies which protect you from covid -19 and almost make you immune to the virus they recognize the virus and they block entry from the body's cells
  • How would you detect covid-19 ?
  • Most test need a swab out of your nose or your saliva then they are sent to a lab for analysis . and you will get your results shortly.
  • thats probably just the vaccine making its way through your cells and the vaccine attaches itself to the cells and acts like a bodyguard towards it
  • I feel kinda weird now that i got the vaccine
  • now that you got the vaccine the virus will develop a immunity to the virus and it will get used to it so it can later on know how to fight it when it detects it in your body