Updated: 10/6/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Republic Act 7624 - Drug education Law
  • You'll learn more about it in school....because it it stated in the republic act 7624
  • What is drugs?
  • Drugs are substances that change how our body worl
  • Goodmorning class for today we will be tackling about the effects of drug abuse,and drug addiction
  • What's about it?
  • There are types of drugs ,legal and illegal
  • The posters that i have shown you today are relevant in knowing the ill effects of drug abuse and misuse. I hope yoy integrate them in your everday life.goodbye
  • Huh?Why?
  • Oh,so this is what papa is talking about
  • Goodbye Ma'am
  • Goodbye Ma'am
  • Goodbye Ma'am