life of a guard in a fantasy

Updated: 9/10/2020
life of a guard in a fantasy

Storyboard Description

this is a make believe story about a castle that is struggling to hold up every time night comes

Storyboard Text

  • the guards are rushing to get to the top of there tower
  • as soon as they get there night time has come
  • but so have the horrors with it
  • for every monster you scare away you get a point
  • the goal of the game is to scare away all the monsters
  • character one the tank
  • character two the ranger
  • character three the swordsman
  • you can move from each tower to play a different character
  • you have to be quick so they don't invade your castle
  • for every scare you have a chance to get some new loot
  • loot lets you unlock new skills