squires tale
Updated: 2/2/2021
squires tale

Storyboard Text

  • The Squire's Tale
  • Exposition
  • I come bearing gifts my king
  • Rising Action
  • I have brought you a brass horse with the power of teleportation,a mirror which can reveal the minds of the kings friends and enemies, a ring which helps you understand birds,and a sword that heals any wound.
  • The squire's tale is the 11th story in the Canterbury Tales.
  • Climax
  • In this scene king Cambyuskan is holding a feast, when a strange knight sent from the king of "Arabe and of Inde" approaches him bearing gifts.
  • Falling Action
  • In this scene the knight told the king what each gift is that he is offering to him and what they do.
  • Resolution/Lesson
  • In this scene,the kings daughter Canace uses her ring that gives her the ability to talk to birds. The falcon tells her that she was abandoned by her false lover.
  • You have been abandoned by your false lover
  • In this scene a promise is made, which is the promise for Canace to find love again.
  • You will find love again someday Canace
  • In this scene, Camblo tells his sister he loves her in order to pursue her as his wife. the lesson learned from this story could be not to give up on love because it will find you someday.
  • I love you Canace