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Updated: 9/29/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Canada: Pacific region
  • everything here is so different?it very 🌠medieval 🌠
  • Streets of Veronica
  • hello there ma'am. welcome to the heart of victoria.
  • in his house
  • this is my house,. it very traditional to the medieval modern style the pacific regions has.
  • this is weird, but ok.
  • in the pacific regions of canada, everything is very medieval and different than what most of us are probably used to.(im ramona.)
  • Snowy Mountains
  • aww, look at the thing dancing.
  • the heart of victoria is very medieval renaissance replica. (this is dan by the way.)
  • Northern Lights
  • houses have a very castle looking aesthetic to them, andking lots of them look like royalty.
  • Glaciers
  • and that concludes our cold amazing journey.
  • when its cold in canada, there is lots of snow and its gets very cold. igloos are very study because the snow melt a little but then the cold weather freezes the water turning it into ice.
  • these northern lights happen if you travel up north, and sometimes a little bit down. the lights are kind of rare, and they will stun you.
  • wow.
  • these are the northern lights.
  • we end our crazy journey on a big glacier in the ocean. i met a new friend, a new stick person dancing, and i had one of the best times of my life.