America joining ww1
Updated: 12/1/2020
America joining ww1

Storyboard Text

  • America Shall not and will not join the war in europe
  • At the start americans were not so fond of the idea of going to war
  • k
  • pls no
  • Im gonna kill u
  • During the invasion of belguim many people were killed
  • When the people of the us learned about the sinking of the lusitania it convinced more people to go to war
  • What is this tellagram we can not stand for this!
  • I know its crazy and stupid they can not possibly defeat the mighty us when they join
  • In Febuary 1917 germany announced unrestriced warfare this along with the telegram brought the USA closer to war
  • Did you hear about germany declaring unrestricted warfare?
  • Throughout the war the USA was supplying britian and france due to econimic intrests but would later join the war
  • Bring in the supplies