Updated: 2/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • A resin was used to cover the body to prevent mold,and then the whole corpse was wrapped in layers of Linen Bandages.A face mask was created to look like the person and the body was placed into a wooden case or a stone sarcophagus if rich.They kept dogs and cats to accompany them in their afterlife
  • Some people avoid the expense and use another way that involved the corpse being injected with oil,taken from seeder trees,liquefying the internal organs.It was then packed with natron for up to 70 days and given back to their families.They would be buried with money,clothes,furniture, and also jewelery
  • Then,archeologists would discover those tombs and show it to the rest of the people
  • Sir,we found an Egyptian tomb,it contained gold,here is some of it
  • Lead me to its location