Natural Selection
Updated: 3/11/2020
Natural Selection
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  • The mountain was mostly black with a little bit of snow on the top. There were white and black ants on the mountain and there was an even amount of white and black.
  • The ants on the mountain were the bears food. So since the black ones blend in with the mountain most all still lived and were not eaten. The white ants on the other hand were almost all eaten because they stand out making them easier to get to eat. So a few of the white ones had to adapt by moving to the white part of the mountain at the top so they had a chance to survive. They had to move to the top without getting eaten making it harder to adapt.
  • Therefore since the white ants were getting eaten the black ones reproduced more and were able to live making it so that there were way more black ants than white ones.
  • Then during a week span a huge snow storm hit the mountain and has not stopped snowing since. Therefore the mountain is mostly white besides the black which has no snow sticking because of the texture. which means the white ants can blend in more than the black ones. 
  • The bears then come to eat food and since most of the mountain is white the white ants blend in and barely eaten. Unlike the black ants who do not blend in very much. So they get eaten. then the white to black population is off set because there are more white ants than black ants. The black ones try to adapt by moving to the black part of the mountains named they do this so that they have a chance at survival. Making it harder to adapt.
  • The less the snow sticks the more the black ants will survive so then they will reproduce. So every time that the environment changes the animals have to adapt so that they can reproduce. Without adapting the population of the less suited animals would die out and not be able to reproduce.
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