Migration Exploration
Updated: 12/16/2020
Migration Exploration

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  • Elise Talbott3-4 (A)
  • United States of America: The Land of Opportunity
  • The United States is surrounded by both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It is also bordered by Canada and Mexico. The total amount of land that America takes up is 9,147,593 sq km. It is about half the size of Russia. The capital of America is Washington DC.
  • According to The World Bank's "GPD Per Capita" Map, on average, people who live in America make more money than Mexicans. This shows that America provides better jobs, to live a better life. On average, Mexican families make $9,863.073 per year. Americans make $65,118.358 per year. $9,000 is not enough money to support a family and provide basic needs. This evidence is key because if there is not enough food to feed a family than you could die. Also, if rent or taxes can't be paid than you will not have a shelter.
  • In addition, Index Mundi's "Population Below Poverty Line" Map states that 46% of Mexicans are living below the poverty line. Only 15% of American citizens are living under the poverty line. This means that about half of Mexico's population is extremely poor. It is hard for those people to find food and they most likely do not have a shelter. In America, a lot less people have to go through this. This evidence is significant because in America, people have more opportunities to live a wonderful, happy life. There are more jobs and chances to make money.
  • Also, according to Our World in Data "Mean Years Of Schooling" Map, children who live in America attend school for an average of 13.4 years. Mexican children are in school for 8.6 years. This explains that, with more schooling there are more job opportunities. With a better job more money can be made to fulfill needs. This evidence is important because it is another reason that America is a better place to live.
  • America is a safer and better place to live than Mexico. Three big draws to America are the amount of money people make in a year, the people living below the poverty line in Mexico, and the average years of schooling in the United States.
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