we are bulletproof: the eternal
Updated: 2/4/2021
we are bulletproof: the eternal

Storyboard Description

a story about how a girl who was lost found her way out of her sadness by listening to the message 7 young men were giving and sharing with the world.

Storyboard Text

  • the girl was crying and struggling with all the obstacles of life. not knowing what to do with life/ she felt completely lost.
  • magically 7 men appeared in her room. scred at first by there presence but soon recognized them. they where bts. yoongi offered her his hand asking to take her away from her problems.
  • taking there offer the girl went with them, and so there journey to happiness and self love began.
  • Bts is showing the girl the world but in a different perspective instead of only seeing the bad things to life they ae showing her all the good things. theses are all places she has been but how she feels is whats different
  • visiting her home town and seeing the town. the girl is smiling and happy because she is in a better mood. another thing is by watching and listening to what bts has said you need to value and appreciate what you experience and only then will you see the beauty.
  • visitng many places she has seen before but finally understanding what they meant. she is enjoying her time and getting to see the places she loves in a new light.