Updated: 6/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no! I need a new computer, where can I get a better one?
  • Hi Neytan, what's wrong? Why are you so thoughtful?
  • Hi Stan, if I need a new computer, to replace the old one I had. Which one would you recommend?
  • Your old computer is the slowest of all, so you should buy the Dell XPS 13
  • This computer gives customers the opportunity to standardize their (T I) environment on any operating system they choose. It is the smallest of all, its software is the fastest than many computers up to yours, it will be a good investment
  • How will I know if this computer is of good quality?
  • But my computer is the largest I have ever had, why would I buy a small one?
  • let's go to the store and you'll find out for yourself
  • come on Naytan let's go to the store in my car
  • we have arrived at the store
  • If the computer is as good as it says, I'll buy it immediately
  • hahaha I knew you were going to love your new computer, Neytan
  • broo, this computer is luxurious, I love it,thank!