Mad Scientist and the States of Matter
Updated: 1/12/2021
Mad Scientist and the States of Matter

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  • Well Stuart, matter is everything around you. But that's not all, there's different types of matter too! And the coolest thing is, it shape-shifts! Follow me too my evil scientist lair where I can teach you more about matter.
  • Hey! Evil Scientist guy, what's matter?
  • Who knew phase changes and matter could be so cool! So basically, phase changes are influenced by thermal energy, and types of matter differ from each other by particle arrangement and movement.
  • Correct!
  • Liquid to Solid
  • Liquid particles are, as you know, more spread apart, and can flow. The shape of a liquid is indefinite, while the volume is definite. When you remove heat from a liquid particle, it turns into a solid. This is called freezing!
  • Like water turning into ice!
  • Matter during phase changes, or shape shifting, usually only change in a single order. Gas turns to liquid, liquid turns into solids and gas, and solids turn into liquid.
  • You guessed it!
  • More types of shape shifting? Cool! Do these phase changes go from solid to gas and gas to solid then?
  • I can't seem to think of any examples of sublimation! Do you have any?
  • Solid to Gas
  • The shape and volume of a solid are definite. Particles cannot flow in a solid. When a solid turns into a gas, heat is being added. This is called sublimation!
  • Well, dry ice is a common form of sublimation.
  • Is this how frost is made?
  • Gas to Solid
  • Yes it is Stuart.
  • The shape and volume of a gas are indefinite. Particles can flow freely in a gas. When a gas turns into a solid, heat is taken away. This process is called deposition!
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