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Updated: 1/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hey, look at her I bet she smells like fish.
  • Hey, thanks for meeting me. I wanted to talk to you about the way your friend has been treating Alex
  • Where is she? I thought you said that she was coming too.
  • Well I think that you and I should meet up with her tomorrow to talk to her.
  • I did but I guess she isn't going to come but we can talk to her mom. Maybe she can talk to her about it.
  • We wanted to talk to you about how Aaliyah has been treating my friend Alex.
  • She has been being really mean to her. So we thought that you would talk to her.
  • Thank you for telling me, I will talk to her.
  • Aaliyah I heard that you have been being really mean to Alex. I want you to apologize because from what I heard you had no reason to.
  • Yes, I did and I will apologize because I realize that it probably hurt her feeling. I wouldn't like if somebody was being mean to me.
  • Thank you for apologizing and I forgive you.
  • Hey, I'm sorry for being mean to you the other day. I was just triyng to be funny but I realize that it hurt your feeling.