Agriculture Project

Updated: 3/9/2021
Agriculture Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hunter-Gatherers were the main source of "farming" when agriculture was in it's prime. This started with Native Americans and how they hunted animals and gathered anything that looked edible.
  • I'm going to go hunt that bear so we can have food for the next few days. 
  • Sounds good! I'll stay here and start a fire.
  • Years later, an agricultural revolution took place. This started when people began to domesticate animals and plants. Pastoral Nomadism is an example of this. they hardly ate any of their animals.
  • I wish there was an easier way to find food...I am tired of scavenging, and I can't eat my animals!
  • Shifting cultivation was a common thing for some people during this first revolutions. The most popular tactic was "slash and burn farming" That is when people would cut down trees and burn the plants to make room for their farms.
  • Only a few more trees to go.
  • This was the start of the second agricultural revolution. People were starting to create and use newer machinery.
  • Jeez... we need new tools!
  • Subsistence farming is a type of farming where they only plant enough for their own survival. They typically have smaller farms, use minimal equipment, and sometimes send crops to small markets.
  • I've got to get these to the house to be washed for supper later.
  • The third agricultural revolution was the shift into genetically modified organisms. We started using plants and animals to make new crops. Some of these that we rely on today are corn, coffee, and cotton.