Greek and Latin Roots

Updated: 2/20/2019
Greek and Latin Roots

Storyboard Text

  • I got her.
  • Aurionna automatically saw the dog and stepped up.
  • Help! Help! My dog is running away.
  • Yes, I am Aurionna and yes you can.
  • Thank you. Wait...I recognize you. You are Aurionna! I subscribed to your youtube channel. May I have your autograph?
  • You know I do have a program for dogs where I can help them with anything. I help them even when I'm on vacation.
  • Wow! Thanks! I will make sure to send her there if I need help.
  • Want to come over to my house? I have a dog there of my own.
  • That would be great. Oh I'm Jack by the way.
  • Thank you. I love it too. I will go turn the heat up a little., then we can go to the dining room .
  • Aurionna heads towards the thermometer, and then they both transfer to the dining room.
  • I love your house. It is a bit chilly though.
  • This fruit looks delicious and thanks for having me over.
  • They grabbed some fruit for a snack and head towards the table.
  • You're welcome. I'm always up for making new friends.