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Brooklyn Alyea 5 days in a mine
Updated: 10/14/2019
Brooklyn Alyea 5 days in a mine
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  • Josh and his friends were very excited to go into the however he did not know that he whold learn a very important lesson
  • yes Josh'sdad
  • alright, are we ready to go into the cave
  • yes dad
  • no trespassing
  • As they were walking through the cave one of the kids with them could not see Terry asked John if he could help him get out of the cave
  • s
  • John could you please help him
  • ah I can't see I forgot to tell you i' m night blind
  • John helped the kid get out of the cave, while Terry walked out of the cave he thought that Josh had went out of the cave with Terry
  • here come with me
  • I thought he came out with you
  • Terry asked John if he had seen Josh, Terry thought Josh had come out of the cave with John and he thought that Josh was with terry. when Terry got home he called a search team
  • Terry do you know where Josh is?
  • I must calla search team
  • no we have enough people
  • A few days later after Josh had gotten stuck in the in the cave a man named Jack had found out about the missing boy and he thought that could help with the search because he been searching the cave for years, however the search team would not let him help. one day he was in town and he got together with his friend and begged him to help find Josh
  • please I know I can find Josh
  • okay
  • please will you help me I know I can find Josh
  • Jack and his friend snuck past the workers and eventually they found Josh
  • Ssh I hear him
  • never give up!
  • it's him but how
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