Bruno and the Water Horse
Updated: 11/26/2019
Bruno and the Water Horse

Storyboard Text

  • What's up. I'm Bruno, this is my horse, and we're about to head into Egypt
  • Hey, I'm Bruno y'all want some water?
  • Who are you, where is your water, never mind I don't care, get out.
  • Whatever dude, sucks to suck I guess
  • Wait my good Samaritan!
  • Could've just asked bro
  • Who are you
  • Please our village is dying of dehydration please give use some w a t e r
  • Thank you for the water magic man!
  • Don't thank me, thank my water horse who was blessed by Poseidon
  • Oh, gods, why must you take away all of our water like that was so uncool and we all gonna die
  • Should've trusted Bruno when you had the chance, scrub