The Greystones!
Updated: 6/9/2020
The Greystones!
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  • What if someone broke into our house and stole something from the Boring Room!?
  • I don't think so...
  • Your right someone did steal everything!
  • Um; no that's just how the Boring Room is!
  • Good idea!
  • Oh...
  • Ok!
  • Okay well since we know that the butterflies are a map of the Boring Room, let's look around for clues.
  • The Greystone siblings & Natalie head up to the Boring Room to see if anything was stollen when Emma forgot to shut the door of the Boring Room, and Emma is super worried.
  • Whoops! Ouch!
  • Why can't I find anything?! Am I just too little to understand?
  • As soon as they arrive in the Boring Room, Natalie thinks that everything was stolen, but then the Greystone's explain how it's call the Boring Room, so it's supposed to be boring and not distracting.
  • The bookcase is falling! Watch out!
  • Take coverrrrrr!!!
  • Now that the Greystone's have an idea of what's going on, they know that the butterflies that were used as their moms company logo, is secretly a map of the Boring Room. So, they decide to search it in hope of figuring out some more imformation.
  • To be continuted...
  • Wait, I'm confused...what just happened?
  • I have no idea...
  • As everyone is searching around, while Chess is searching, he accidentally gets his foot stuck in between the two bookcases. He doesn't think much of it and proceeds to examine things like the others.
  • Suddenly the bookcases started moving, they looked like they were about to fall on Finn and Emma. Chess acted quickly and tried to block the bookcases from coming down on his siblings, but surprisingly, the bookcases moved in a different way. They slid backward revealing a secret door and a hidden passage!
  • Finally, after everyone calms down and realizes that the bookcases are a secret door, everyone seems confused. None of them could grasp their minds around a secret hidden in their mom's bare bookcases. And Finn, as usual, doesn't know what is going on, but at this point, none of the kids did.
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