Class System
Updated: 6/9/2020
Class System

Storyboard Text

  • oh no a storm is heading are way and we don't have enough food for the children
  • don't worry about the food i will find a way to get some more
  • go take shelter with the others
  • where is are dinner you peasant
  • sorry my king sorry my queen
  • how dare you disrespect us
  • you should be thrown out into the storm with all the other rats
  • more food! after everything thing we did for you peasants
  • please my queen a storm is coming and we need more food
  • my people are getting sick
  • you peasants don't deserve more food now leave !!
  • in a class system the people that are in the lower level are very poor, so they live a harder life because there not always provided with food or a place to live.
  • The people that are in the top level are usually born into riches and that causes a lot of inequality because the higher class treats the lower class unfairly because their poor.
  • due to the higher class selfishness, the people in the lower class have a hard time living a healthy lifestyle due to the lack of resources.
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