decision making exam
Updated: 3/16/2020
decision making exam

Storyboard Text

  • You're at a party and the friend who was supposed to give you a ride home is drunk or high on drugs. She tells you that she is fine to drive and tells you to get in. You know that getting in the car with her would put your life at risk along with hers, but you don't want to make a big scene. Click To Edit
  • It's obvious that she's drunk or high on drugs and getting in the car with her would put both of our lives in danger.
  • I'm fine to drive! lets go, get in.
  • there was alcohol, marijuana, and oxycontin inside the part. they can all have a negative affect on how you act, you can get addicted to them, and marijuana, oxycontin, and underage drinking are illegal.
  • what should I do? a. tell her that i will drive us to my house and she can stay the night and drive home when it wears off. b. find someone who hasn't been drinking to take me home. c. get in the car with her.
  • Positive consequences: a.we will both get home safeb. There is less of a chance of getting in an accident. c. I didn't make a big scene Negative consequences: a. she might not want me to drive her carb. I don't know them, it could also be dangerous c. i am letting her put our life in danger
  • external influence: she's telling me that she is safe to drive and there are a lot of people around so I don't want to cause a scene in front of them so it's influencing me to get in the car. internal influence: I feel anxious about getting in the car with her because she is clearly drunk of high and she could get in an accident and put our life in danger so I don't think I should get in the car with her.
  • I am going to find someone who is sober to take me home because you could put our life in danger and I want to be sure that I will make it home safely.