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bravery warrior
Updated: 1/9/2019
bravery warrior
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  • Introduction
  • I'm going to get you so good.
  • HA, you wish.
  • Event 1
  • Event 2
  • "Qiana" congratulations! You will be awarded as the new captain of the finest ship we have!"
  • "Really?" "Wow!!" "Thank you captain."
  • There was a brave young women named Qiana. Her dream was to become a pirate after her parents past away because she became more fierce. So she did what she dreamed that is being a brave young warrior. after a hard time. So she started training first.
  • Rising Action
  • "Hey, Qiana remember me Kristoffer?" "Today is my day because know you are gonna feel the pain!"
  • Well Qiana and the boy named Kristoffer were training, they both ended up in the grave yard close to their training station. When Qiana striked Kristoffer's face, he flew like a bird and sadly he fell and landed on a huge, sharp, metal dart. It wasn't just an ordinary dart it was cursed.
  • Climax
  • Qiana was depressed for Kristoffer's death but she was still super excited to be awarded as an official pirate. the guy with the blonde and sunny hair and the women with the flaming color hair were awarded as Qiana's crew.
  • Conclusion
  • The sharp, metal dart cursed Kristoffer after his death. since he's dead he calls himself deathmore. after his name was made he haunted anyone who came in his way for revenge on what happened to him.
  • The first adventure was not so bad till they went through the darkest, creepiest black seas and through the door of a wooden apartment sitting in the middle of the forest, they saw one cracked skeleton with a red velvet hat and a white dirty vest. Qiana took one look and the skeleton moved and almost stabbed her with his sword. She got so scared she called for her whole crew for help so she cried. she saw screeching skeletons reaching out and surrounding her.
  • "I don't think so! Know I don't feel that sorry about your sacrifice you deserve it for trying to"STAB ME!"
  • The skeleton named Kristoffer wanted to fight Qiana well the rest were fighting Kristoffer "Deathmore's" crew. Qiana strikes him once again and cracks him into a billion pieces like if it were glass. Kristoffer was always to be beaten by the best and powerful captain of the high seas that is named Qiana.
  • "Let's do this thing partner."
  • Qiana's crew took Kristoffer's dead body and put him to his grave. After he was put in his grave, the curse broke and everybody celebrated their first adventure to remember how much fun they had together for the rest of their lives.  THE END
  • "I can't believe we did it on our first adventure."
  • "Guys let's PARTEY!!"
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