Updated: 4/16/2020

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Core 2 SS by Saunak Manna

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  • It's great living in a democracy. Here, the citizens have power.
  • Women aren't considered citzens in Athens. This means that we have less rights than men. We can't own property, vote, or attend the assembly. Not many women have jobs. We mostly manage the home and raise our children.
  • It's awesome that Athens is located in Central Greece because it's only four miles from the Aegean Sea. This makes trade much easier.
  • I'm going to school to learn reading, writing, and math. All boys from six to fourteen do this. Meanwhile, girls are getting taught by their mothers to cook, clean, spin thread, and weave.
  • I'm part of council of 500 men who run the day to day business of govenment.
  • The Athenian economy is based on trade. We trade things like honey, olive oil, silver, and pottery. We even made our own coins to make trade easier!
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