Updated: 4/16/2020

Storyboard Description

Core 2 SS by Saunak Manna

Storyboard Text

  • I'm very proud to be a Spartan! If necessary, I would give my life to defend my city-state!
  • We are known for our incredible military. In fact, Sparta is home to the strongest military all over Greece.
  • Our economy is based on farming and conquering. We dislike trade because new ideas could harm our government. For our money, we have long iron rods since it would be harder to steal them.
  • We believe the true purpose of education to produce the men and women needed to protect our city-state. All of our children are trained to fight. We have no space for a baby who is weak.
  • I have a plain life. Women like me wear simple chothing with no jewlery or makeup. We need to be strong and be able to fight at anytime. I even have many rights as a woman and I can even own and control property!
  • Even though I'm a slave, I still have some freedom. I can marry whoever I wish. I can also sell crops. Soon, I hope to buy my own freedom!
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