Jose's really cool story :)
Updated: 3/8/2021
Jose's really cool story :)

Storyboard Text

  • One day in west Virginia somebody name Jose Martin Martinez was a brave proud strong man always trying to feed his family
  • one day, Jose family had to move to California because Jose was not making much money at the time weeks go by and it starts to get cold and there already to move they all get to the wagon
  • freeze lucky Virginia packed a very warm sweater
  • The End 
  • many more day later they started to go up the mountain soon they got suck in the snow mariah started to panic Jose saying where going to be fine but Steven did not really care
  • Jose was hunting all day but when Jose came back to the wagon he said no more deer to kill. soon we will starve to death
  • a day goes by Natalie dies form starving to death the out of nowhere two guy named Lewis and Clark come by and say need help Jose say yeah we need help the guy help him and soon the start to move, three months later they made it to the west start to build .