First Listening Project
Updated: 10/10/2018
First Listening Project
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  • The music starts off at an andante tempo and a piano dynamic. This is when Parker wakes up and heads out the door into the woods. He is tired, but still excited for the party.
  • While the tempo is still at andante, the dynamic moves up closer to mezzo piano. This is when Parker walking through the woods, being extra cautious not to attract any wild animals.
  • As the music tempo moves up to allegro, the dynamic stays somewhere in between mezzo piano and mezzo forte. This is when Parker hears something in the distance. He is not sure what exactly it is, but he does know that he is scared of it, whatever it is.
  • Then, the music drastically changes, with the tempo going to Presto and the dynamic going all the way to somewhere around fortissimo! This is when Parker realizes that there is a wild animal chasing him. He immediately starts to run back to his house.
  • The music slows down to more of a vivace tempo and a forte dynamic. This is when Parker is running as fast as he can away from the predator, never looking back to see if it was gone. 
  • As the music slows down more to get to somewhere in the middle of allegro and andante, it get quieter too. More of a mix of mezzo forte and mezzo piano. This is when Parker finally reaches his house, slams the door shut, and can finally take a breath. He is too shocked about what had just happened to even think straight.
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