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the myth of cupid and psyche ( Ancient greece)
Updated: 11/8/2020
the myth of cupid and psyche ( Ancient greece)
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  • Psyche a beautiful baby girl was born. She was so stunning that people called her the incarnation of Venus (Venus the Goddess of love, beauty, desire, fertility, prosperity and victory)
  • one day when Psyches father had gone to Oracle of Apollo (the god of light, reason, and prophecy.) Apollo told him to leave his daughter on a rough cliff where a serpent-like evil, cruel man would marry her.
  • all alone on that cliff a gentle breeze picks her a  drops her off outside a palace
  • " you are home. Your husband is waiting inside the bedroom if you dare to meet him." a voice whispers into her ear but no one was around
  • The bedroom was so dark she wasn't able to see her husband. She reached out and touched her husband, but he didn't feel like a serpent at all. Psyche asked who he was. But the man said that is one question I can never answer. if she loved him she doesn't need to know
  • He visited nights after nights. And soon Psyche was pregnant. she was so happy but she questioned how will she raise a child if she hasn't seen the face of her husband
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