Berlin Blockade Storyboard
Updated: 2/3/2020
Berlin Blockade Storyboard
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Berlin Blockade

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  • Oh no! The Soviets have cut off all our supplies! What are we going to do??
  • We must help Berlin by providing them with supplies through airlift.
  • We need your planes.
  • There's no way we can help them all!
  • Good idea. Use all of them.
  • Berlin: The civilians are starving due to the Soviets cutting off all supplies, including water, food, and railroad communication.
  • The United States and Britain agree to use each other's supplies to help Berlin.
  • The planes fill with supplies and begin to take off. However, with a beat up runway and old planes, the plan had some flaws.
  • Good work! We were able to save the citizens of Berlin!
  • The United States and Britain needed to transport 4,000 tons of supplies per day, in order to satisfy Berlin's great needs.
  • The U.K. and the U.S. began delivering supplies. Although it did not reach 4,000 tons per day, the planes received no anti aircraft fire, and were successful in their mission.
  • The United States and Britain continued to airlift supplies to Berlin until May 12, 1949, when Stalin lifted the blockade. The west took the victory, and East Germany became communist and West Germany became democratic.
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