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World civ
Updated: 10/19/2020
World civ
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  • The civil war in England lasted from 1642 until 1651. The roundheads, who were mostly landowners and manufacturers, were led by Oliver Cromwell. The Cavaliers, who were wealthy nobles, were led by King Charles I. The roundheads defeated the Cavaliers.
  • Roundheads
  • Cavaliers
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Since the Roundheads won the war, they put King Charles I on trial. He was executed in January of 1649 and England became a republic known as the commonwealth led by Oliver Cromwell.
  • I will give you the sign when to execute me.
  • I will give you the sign when to execute me.
  • Sir. We have been receiving threats from Ireland and Scotland. They stand by King Charles II.
  • We must put a stop to this right away. Send forces into their territory. I will crush this uprise of hatred for the commonwealth.
  • These are levelers. They believed that poor men should have the same amount of say in government as landowners and leading citizens do. They believed in the right to petition parliament. Cromwell did not like this so he put it to a stop and became the 'lord protector'.
  • We must put a stop to this commonwealth
  • My goal is to root all godlessness out of England.
  • These are Puritans. They were very Christian people. Cromwell did not tolerate the worship of Roman Catholics. Although, he did believe in other religious freedoms such as being Jewish.
  • Everyone should be able to read the bible. Thats why boys and girls attend school now.
  • Hello Mr. Cromwell. We love how Sundays are now for bible study and religious observance.
  • When Oliver Cromwell died in 1658, King Charles II returned and took over England because the people were sick of the strict Puritan ways. The monarchy returned but the Puritans ideas of morality. equality, government and education were still present.
  • I am here to finish what my father started. The monarchy in England will return.
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