unit 3
Updated: 1/6/2020
unit 3
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  • How dependent are we on nonrenewable resources?
  • Actually, most people use nonrenewable resources in their everyday lives. This is very concerning for our future life on Earth.
  • How is using nonrenewable resources concerning for our future on Earth?
  • Nonrenewable resources, such as coal an natural gas, cause global warming and over polluted areas. Breathing this pollution will increase cancer rates.
  • How does drilling effect the environment?
  • Drilling natural gas disrupts wildlife, and plant life. Also, a lot of water is used for drilling. Drilling sites can use up to 5.1 million gallons of water each.
  • People say to me that nuclear energy is clean. Is this true?
  • Well, yes and no. Nuclear power plants do not release any carbon dioxide. But mining uranium, the mineral used to make nuclear energy, is nonrenewable and uses a lot of carbon dioxide to mine it.
  • How much carbon dioxide do cars produce?
  • Burning one gallon of gas releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air. On average, one car burns about 6 tons of carbon dioxide every year.
  • How many people rely on only renewable resources to power their houses?
  • Globally in 2014, 24 percent of people generate their electricity using renewable resources.
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