Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • We are starving.
  • The peasants were too poor to buy land. Even those that owned land didn't have enough to feed their families.
  • We come here in peace.
  • We want changes.
  • On Sunday, January 22, 1905, a march occurred in St. Petersburg.The peaceful marchers wanted change.
  • Nicolas II,oppressive czar, called in soldiers to put down the uprising.The soldiers opened fire on the peaceful marchers, killing and wounding several.
  • I don't believe in Russia anymore.
  • Bloody Sunday as it was called, destroyed the people’s faith and trust in the czar.
  • Strikes and revolts exploded across Russia's cities and countryside.
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Bloody Sunday was one of the main causes to the Russian Revolution. It also led to the death of the Czar and his family.
  • Vladimir Lenin