Fisrt part: Myth of Jupiter and the Bee
Updated: 4/7/2021
Fisrt part: Myth of Jupiter and the Bee

Storyboard Description

This story is about how bees get their stings, according to Roman Mythology.

Storyboard Text

  • Human beings took away all my honey, again... It is enough. it's time to fix this situation.
  • Hi, Jupiter, I am the Qeen of the hive.
  • Hi, Queen.Why did you come here? Can I help you with something?
  • “Give me, I pray thee, a sting, which if any mortal approaches to take my honey, I may kill him.”
  • I promise to fulfill your wish.
  • One fine day after being irritated by the mortals taking away her honey, the queen of the hive decided to visit Jupiter.
  • After reaching Olympus, she offered fresh honey to Jupiter.
  • Delighted by the taste of it, Jupiter promised to fulfill one of her wishes. She asked: