Storyboard 2
Updated: 4/7/2021
Storyboard 2

Storyboard Text

  • A 2nd way to to help parents share their voice is listening it through Gina. I can provide the opportunity for Gina to share her story either through a video, song, drawings or pictures. This could be used for the rest of the students as well.
  • A third way to help Gina's parents and her, is to implement accommodations and modifications. Therefore, providing reading devices and any other assistive technology needed for Gina’s will be implemented for her academical growth and development. Also I will consider the classroom setting and change it for Gina’s needs. Similarly, to how her mother modified the bathroom and bedroom for Gina in her home. 
  • Lastly, another way way to help parents share their voice is to create a platform. Now a days, technology is everywhere and is used. Therefore with the school approval, we can create an online page where parents are able to share their stories. This way other parents from other classrooms are able to read it and may, or may not, understand or connect to it. This way, parents know that they are not alone.