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Updated: 4/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • In the world of the 20th century, there was an occurring matter of unbalanced power amongst the countries of Europe. This had led to tension arousing between the countries with their allies ready to back them up.
  • I will conquer the most land!
  • I am the most powerful!
  • Militarism: European countries were preparing and making their militaries stronger. When other European countries had seen this, they were struck with paranoia, causing them to also prepare and make their military strong. This had led to competition between countries of Europe over who’s military was the strongest.
  • Keep moving! We need to be the best! 
  • Alliances: Alliances between two or more nations began to form. This started making other nations nervous and can lead to chaos because it is adding more tension and is slowly dividing European countries into two.
  • Want to be partner now just in case we are assigned to play basketball?
  • We will always be partners no matter what !
  • You won’t for long!!
  • Imperialism led to the competition between countries on who could conquer the most territory.
  • We have the most territory!!
  • You are both wrong! I am the best!
  • Nationalism: A lot of European nations had the ‘I am better than you’ attitude which led to a lot of nations of Europe having too much confidence.
  • We are the best!
  • No! We are the best!
  • The assassination of Austria-Hungary’s prospective leader, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, had them led Europe into a Great War. As well as having a domino effect of nations declaring war on each other and causing their allies to join in the war as well.