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Reasons For Seasons
Updated: 3/26/2019
Reasons For Seasons
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  • Zeus and his wife Demeter had a beautiful daughter named Persephone. Her beauty was sought after by many gods. However, her mother was too in love with her daughter to let her get married
  • Persephone was picking flowers one day as her mother did the duties of the goddess of the harvest. She wandered too far off and the suddenly...
  • Hades, who was Persephone's most persistent suitor kidnapped her and brought her back to the Underworld. He also forced her to eat pomegranate seeds so she would be stuck there forever.
  • Once Demeter noticed her daughter's absence she began to look for her. She looked for nine straight days and nights. Helios told her where her daughter was and instantly Demeter was enraged. She went straight to her husband, Zeus. After this Demeter refused to do her ob of watching over the harvest so a famine struck the mortals.
  • Hades and Zeus argued as they tried to come to an agreement. Zeus finally said if Persephone wants to stay she will. 
  • Demeter called Hades out on his awful trick. Ultimately Zeus decided Persephone can spend six months on Mount Olympus and six in the Underworld.
  • Due to eating the seeds previously, Persephone was under a spell and it made her agre to stay even though she truly didn't want to.
  • In the end they all lived happily- for the most part. For six months Persephone spent time on Mount Olympus with her family. Those months were known as spring and summer. The other six months was spent in the Underworld with her Husband Hades. Those were known as autumn and winter because Demeter refused to work.
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