PTSD, continued
Updated: 12/23/2020
PTSD, continued

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  • Allen we all believe in you, and we think therapy will really change your life. Please give it a try
  • I hate seeing you all so worried
  • I don't know how it'll help but okay
  • Later that week
  • Alright
  • Dr. Menoni specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a common treatment for PTSD, and although it can't be fully cured, CBT helps patients deal with their trauma.
  • Hey Allen, I'm Dr. Menoni! I'll be helping you out for a while
  • ×°° °°
  • It started on a Monday morning in Afghanistan...2009...
  • Remember, you don't want to get consumed by the memories and feel like you're reliving them. We'll use tactile stimulation to keep you in the present
  • Ok, so talk to me. What happened?
  • A year later
  • Thank you so much for all your help Dr. Menoni. I don't know where I would be without you.
  • Well Allen, your time with me is over. I'm thrilled to say that you have your PTSD under control.
  • I'm quite proud of you
  • Thanks to all the help he received from his friends, therapy, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Allen's life has taken a dramatic turn.
  • He has a job, a new apartment, and adopted a dog.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone who goes through what Allen went through has a happy ending. Many veterans fall into poverty and/or become homeless. These men and women risk their lives to protect people like us, and they don't always get thanked for it. Your donation will make a difference-The End-
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