Sound by Alexa Peet
Updated: 5/19/2020
Sound by Alexa Peet

Storyboard Text

  • It's so loud in here! I can't even hear my dance partner. The volume of the music is at quite an intense loudness/level!
  • Not going to lie, the DJ must be a little less experienced as well. All the tracks he is playing are a little too high pitched. As in, the tone of the music is likely too high because the frequency of the sound being produced has a high frequency.
  • Because pitch is determined by sound wave frequency, I can fix the pitch by changing from treble to something lower like bass on my mixer. Thus, the wavelengths are changing. A lower frequency will have less wave crests passing by per second.
  • For my music to be quieter, I lower the volume using my amplifier. This allows me to shorten the amplitude of the sound waves . A lower amplitude leaves me with less sound energy being produced and the music becomes less loud due to the reduced energy.
  • High frequency/pitch
  • Low frequency/pitch
  • Here are some visual aids that I usually show my students!
  • High amplitude/ loudness
  • Low amplitude/ loudness