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Updated: 6/22/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Eddie: You gonna marry him?
  • Catherine: I don’t know. We just been . . . goin’ around,that’s all. (Turns to him.) What’re you got against him, Eddie?Please, tell me. What?
  • Eddie: (enveloping her with his eyes) I bless you and you don’ttalk to me. (He tries to smile.)
  • Catherine: I don’t talk to you? (She hits his arm.) What do youmean?
  • Eddie (retreating before the threat of her anger) All right, I onlyasked you. (To Rodolpho.) I just don’t want her hangin’around Times Square, see? It’s full of tramps over there.
  • Catherine You know what he can’t get over? That there’sno fountains in Brooklyn!
  • Eddie No. (He moves from her, smiling sadly.) It’s just I used tocome home, you was always there. Now, I turn around, you’rea big girl. I don’t know how to talk to you.
  • Catherine Why?
  • Beatrice Look, he’ll say anything. What does he care whathe says? If it was a prince came here for you it would be nodifferent. You know that, don’t you?
  • Catherine Yeah, I guess.
  • Beatrice That he should let you go. But, you see, if onlyI tell him, he thinks I’m just bawlin’ him out, or maybe I’mjealous or somethin’, you know?
  • Catherine (astonished) He said you was jealous?
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