Social studides Project
Updated: 5/8/2020
Social studides Project

Storyboard Text

  • These two men are talking about how much they were offended by the "toms cabin book"
  • these two men are talking about how much they hate the 15th amendment due to the black community now being allowed to vote like the whites can
  • this man has to clean the water puddles with a towel due to black codes so this Is his minimum wage job since that's the best job he can get for his skin color
  • this white man is explaining to this black man that he can live on his farm but instead of paying in cash he has to pay back in crops and or products
  • the paper on the table is to see if he was taught to read and write because he was taught he's allowed to vote during the voting campaign. but if he can't read or write he's not allowed to vote
  • these two men are happy about the compromise of 1850 because California became a free state and because slave trade is banned in Washington Dc