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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Day had said it been ''forty eight hours'' since the soldiers marked his mother door. (page 23)
  • The day that Day take trail a trail is like a test tha turing 10 years old some kids should take it. "The results of trial will deterime where to belong''. (page 24)
  • I was in a fight
  • Right when Day walk through the door a nurse spots him with her ''dart to the blood on Day arms" .(page 25)
  • What happen?
  • Metias saw Day before metias can get Day he throws a knife and it hits his shoulder then Day has the chance to run. (page 27)
  • Shoot in you hit him instead.
  • Day was holding the knife to the doctor neck but whisper in his ear ''I won't kill you" all because needed the cure. (page 29)
  • Show me
  • Day get the cure from the the shelf in tell the doctor ''he letting go'' in he shove the doctor in the soldiers took fire. (page 30)
  • There