Odyssey scene
Updated: 1/16/2021
Odyssey scene

Storyboard Text

  • We are almost at the River of Ocean in the land of the Cimmerians
  • Odysseus do not to eat Helios's cattle at Thrinacia or yo will die and you will meet hardship and all your men will die.
  • I instructs that you offer her the blood and she will approach you. So when she comes, she will know you instantly
  • What is this spirit of my mother which I have just seen?
  • Penelope has been faithful to you, your son Telemachus farms your estate. Your father, stays in the fields and beds down in the leaves, or he sleeps in the house where servants once were, all because he longs for his son. But, I couldn't bear the longing for you no more and died.