The things They Carried

Updated: 10/26/2020
The things They Carried

Storyboard Text

  • I'm not ready to die!
  • You wont if you carry one of these
  • Why Lavender?!?!
  • Tell my wife I love her
  • I couldn.t have asked for anyone better!
  • too...
  • Two men at war in Vietnam each carrying something different. The one on the right is carrying a gun while the other is carrying fear of what is to come.
  • Am I really about to risk my life for this?
  • Here we can see Ted Lavender on the ground after being shot on his way back from the restroom.Lieutenant Jimmy Cross witnesses his death and mourns.
  • Lieutenant Jimmy Cross begins to think of his girlfriend before he left for Vietnam, Martha. Sadly, the feelings he had for her were not reciprocated.
  • If I get shot out there, take me out of my misery
  • Same here
  • O'brien has trouble deciding whether to leave and join the army. After contemplating, he decides he doesn't want to let down his family by not fighting.
  • After accidentally stepping on a landmine, Curt Lemon lays brutally wounded.
  • Curt Lemon and Dave Jensen discuss the possibilty of being fatally wounded during the war. They come to the agreement that if one be brutally wounded, the other end their suffering.