China's golden age
Updated: 1/17/2020
China's golden age
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MAde in china

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  • There were there groups that struggled for power under the emperor's rule. The groups being the court officials, the royal servants, and the king's bodyguard. With corruption, China was split later into three kindoms.
  • after many revolutions, the China was split into three kingdoms, but was later reunited by emperor Wendi and that became the Sui dynasty.
  • China was later under the rule of the Tang dynasty, with the rise of the Tang dynasty, there were also new inventions such as the grand canal, which was used to transport goods from place to place.
  • Along with the rise of the Sang dynasty, the Silk Road was developed and made China wealthy and powerful.
  • But the Tang Dynasty is soon taken over by Taizu after a mutiny.
  • Under the rule of the sang dynasty, the Chinese was back and more radical with new inventions such as Gunpowder, and other improvements in warfare as well a agricultural development.
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