Updated: 4/13/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The last Friday, my family and I got up early, we went to the Eje cafetero! We were very exited, so we packed only what was necessary and we went at first light. Let's see how it all started...
  • The cottage was beautiful and spacious, it was perfect!
  • I remember than the place had a big kitchen, a beautiful bedrooms and an amazing livingroom. We were very tired, so we slept very well
  • The next day we went to the pool, everything was going fine, until I saw nothing more and nothing less than a hairy caterpillar on my shoe! It was a traumatizing experience.... but nevertheless I really liked the pool.
  • After a while, we went to the town Armenia...
  • Later, We went to Armenia and this was an increidible and beautiful place!
  • The next day we went to Panaca! It was full of beautiful animals such as horses, dogs, pigs, cows and many others... It was very cute and later, we bought food to feed them.
  • It was horrible because I did not know that I was very afraid of heights and when I got off I almost fainted... The good thing is that there were more games and I really enjoyed going.
  • Sunday, we bought tickets and went to the coffe park! There were many attractions and afterwards, I got on a roller coaster...